Nowon NO1 Ichi Light Grip

Nowon NO1 Ichi Light Grip

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NO1 Grips

Nowon No1 Grips introduces the Ichi LIGHT Grip.  It is the 44 gram version of the popular Ichi Grip.

It is a premium grip developed under supervision of Professor Takeo Hirata, of Japan's Waseda University's Sports Science department.  It is made to provide the ultimate in feel and performance.  It is made of two different firmness and flexibility of elastomer resin materials.  The Ichi grip was developed after dozens of prototypes were tested and researched.  During the development of the Ichi grip, the psychological effects of the grips were even measured to find the perfect combination that is sure to serve any type of player.  The top half has a firmer and less flexible elastomer material to allow for maximum friction and promote minimal twisting of the club during the swing.  The bottom half is a softer material that allows the grip to absorb vibrations and promote a very consistent and soft feel at impact.  The firmness of the materials were tested to provide most golfers with a sense of security and relaxed feel during the swing, contributing to added confidence and a free swing.  

It weighs 44 grams and is only available in Ribbed (Back line).

The Ichi grip is a great example of the precision and quality of Japan made grips!  

Available in 3 colors

Nowon Ichi Light Grip

Nowon Ichi Light Grip

Nowon Ichi Light Grip

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