Matrix Ozik Xcon 8M2

Matrix Ozik Xcon 8M2

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USD 450
Matrix Shafts

Matrix OZIK XCON Special Editions represent our constant pursuit of next-level technologies. This group of true prototypes is constantly evolving as Matrix makes new performance discoveries. XCON Special Editions do not follow a typical release schedule, so check back often to see where inspiration or necessity have taken us.

According to Darrell Survey results*, as of early Spring 2008, the OZIK XCON "M2" shafts were the most played shaft models among the world's Top 10 players. In creating the M2, the unmatched Matrix advancements in spin control and recovery efficiency where wrapped around the "F7" mandrel, a building block for lower, more penetrating ball flight. Most M2 shafts (except the 8M2) use the exotic Japanese Zylon for smooth feel. The low launch, low spin F7M2 started the series' success, ending 2007 in the bag of the Order of Merit winner and the drivers of two world Top 10 players.

The F7M2 Low Tip Deflection was launched to give hard swingers an even lower launching and spinning combination. The 8M2 followed to allow M2 players to match driver performance with a heavy, low launch fairway option.

Now for 2008, M2 is expanded with the F6M2 wood shaft and the hM2 hybrid. The F6M2 provides a rare low spin, low launch option to better players comfortable in the mid-60 gram range. In its first week on the PGA Tour, F6M2 was immediately bagged by a Top 10 player.

This pro shop listing is for the OZIK XCON 8M2.

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