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Freiheit The-G Ti Hybrid Utility 1

Freiheit The-G Ti Hybrid Utility

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Freiheit Introduces The G Ti Hybrid Utility to complete their line ups

Orthodox Handsome Head!

It is an orthodox handsome head, following the THE-G driver and the Fairway wood. Although it is a small, dynamic, and semi-deep head, you will find it works beautifully even on a bad lie. The Ti Hybrid is easier to use than both high lofted fairway woods and long irons, and the shape makes it easy to aim your shot at a target.

The beautiful glossy black base and satin silver face makes the head profile sharp. As with the FW, it is an orthodox club with a square face that really means business.

Beautiful! Higher! Longer!

Just as with the FW, the combination of the titanium body and the stainless steel sole makes the head very underslung. More distance and high trajectory with low spin are possible at a high level. It fits to a TIP diameter of an iron shaft and accentuates the directional stability required for a Hybrid club. You will easily get to a green with the high trajectory.

Usually it is not possible to weld together dissimilar metals, only similar metals. However, dissimilar metals can be joined by brazing, a special bonding technology. Combining metals that have different specific gravities enables a refined design for the center of gravity.

Full sensation for both hard and soft shots!

The characteristics of 6AL-4V titanium make it feel as though “the ball is gripping the face”. It also gives a feel of a repulsive force when hitting. The weight screws on the center of the sole are variable, and so the head weight can be finely adjusted.
※Screw adjustment is available at workshops.

Freiheit The-G Ti Hybrid Utility

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