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Epon Type Js

- - - - - irons are heads only

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    TSG Jedi

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  • Location:Tokyo.
  • Interests:taking apart perfectly good clubs, and shuffling ,shuffling .

  • Quote: " 5-5-10 standard docs old boy, short and crooked "
  • Occupation:undercover HO..
  • Handicap:3.9
  • Brand of Choice:J D M

  • What's in the Bag?:
    PRGR- diamana-RYOMA-crazy-GOLDS FACTORY- nspro-FOURTEEN-tourtsage
ok cool ill have em pls
send em my way.
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spring  bag.

prgr egg ONE, 7.5*---diamana X 70s

prgr egg spoon 16.5*-----quadra fire express 75 xs

honma DI 18*--modus 120s

masda MB----NS modus 130s

prgr rs wedge 51* + 56*--NSwv125s

yururi 1.618* 61* lw --NS 950s

yamada burining copper golds rest.

tourstage x-o1z

kinoshohanpu walker.


" 5-5-10, standard docs old boy ?

double reversals  on the 3s and tripple  for birds.

up here for thinking , down there for dancin,

be lucky   dont close nutthen out."













    TSG Madman

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  • Handicap:29.7
  • Brand of Choice:none

  • What's in the Bag?:
    Ping G30 LS w/ Matrix TP7HD
    TM 430 w/ 757 Evo X
    TM Stage 2 TS wood w/ TP7HD
    TM Stage 2 5wd w/ 757 Evo X
    TM Stage 2 Hybrid w/ Matrix proto
    Epon AF Tour coppers w/ Modus 130
    TM ATV raw 54/59

    Backup Bag
    Ping G30 LS 9 deg w/ Speeder VC 7.2 TS
    Ping G30 LS 9 deg w/ TP6HDe
    Epon 302 satin w/ Modus 130
    TM 16.5 HL
    Ping Anser Hybrid 20 deg
    Kasco K2K 11/22/33/44/55
Okie Stew, they are yours
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