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Quadra Fire Express LD60

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Title says it all. Any information on that shaft?

Edited by shacco, 30 August 2010 - 01:39 PM.

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Driver: S-Yard T.388 9,5° with Roddio M6
3 Wood: jBeam FX BM-FW HG 15° with Crazy LY-02
3 Hybrid: Ryoma U3 with Diamana Kai'li
4 Hybrid: PRGR new Egg 5 iron

5 - PW: Onoff Forged with NS Pro GH950
Gap Wedge: Epon 208KGX copper 52° with NS Pro GH950
Sand Wedge: Yamaha Inpres X 56° (2007 model) with NS Pro GH950
Lob Wedge: Yamaha Inpres X 60° (2007 model) with NS Pro GH1050
Putter: TaylorMade Ghost Tour MA-81



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yea a little..., i think its made to play a little longer,46 inch......, i believe. its for the slower swinger looking for more distance. my SS is 48+ and its not for my SS. my club builder games it and hes 60 get the ball out there to 270 ish with this. but he def siad no go to me. i use the 65 sx and the 75 xs
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honma tw727m--NS modus 3 system 125s

prgr rs wedge 51* + 56*--NSwv125s

the  JDM alien 60* lw -noooooooodiea shaft

fuso dream  CS putter.

tourstage x-o1z

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Pretty much what stew said, it is like the stanard Fire Express except with the performance designed for 46" OR LONGER finished club lengths.

The Standard Fire Express is a great shaft and much better suited for around 44.5- 45.5"
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there more info on these shafts like a website with flight profiles? my dad just got a set of quadra iron shafts and boy do they look good.
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I have this with me now with a Baldo 9* head playing to 46. Itis a K-F1 flex. CPM is high and I'm hoping its like the Crazy which CPMs high but does plays softer than the CPM implies. Will be out on course tomorrow so I'll see how that does against the LY02 Regular with the ADR Tour 9*.
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Drivers :

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Modart MA01D 10* Muziik Bangvoo Premium

TRPX "Debbie" S-013 10* Messenger 1st

Hybrids :

Kasco Power Tornado 7 33 Fujikura MCH 70

Kasco Power Tornado 7 44 Fujikura MCH 70

Irons :

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Three Luck Sky Dream Jump D-Tour CFI 5I-PW - FOR SALE

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Cojones :

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