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A good joke I heard on the course this week

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There is an old farmer whose wife is always nagging, bitching at him. It gets so bad sometimes he just has to leave the house and head out to the pasture for some peace and quiet.

One day he is out there with his old mule and she comes stomping out barking orders. The mule kicks her in the head and she dies.

At the funeral all the women are coming up to the casket where the farmer is standing and passing along their condolences. The farmer just nod his head yes over and over again as each woman approaches him.

The men come up and the farmer just nods his head no over and over again.

The preacher is watching this and comes up to the farmer and asks," I have been watching all the women folk come up and you nod your head yes and them the men come up and you nod your head no...I am curious why that is"

The farmer says, "Well, the women are telling me what a wonderful life my wife had and I just nod yes and the men folk are all asking me if the mule is for sale".
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Now I'll have to let my wife 'accidentally' read this one. Thanks for the laugh before I head out to the course in this beautiful spring morning.

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LOL thanks I needed that
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Kinda like the line...... 'Why do men die earlier than women? ........ cause they want to!' :tsg_smiley_secret:
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good joke. lol.
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A lady came to the grocery store and asked the produce manager for a half a head of cabbage. The produce manager said “Ma’am, we don’t sell halves of cabbage.” She said, “Well that’s what I want, please ask your boss.” So the man walks to the back and doesn’t notice that the woman is walking right behind him. He sticks his head in the door and says to the store manager, “Boss, there is some ***hole here who wants to buy a half a head of cabbage.” And then he turns around and sees the woman and says, “and this nice lady here wants to buy the other half!”

The next day the store manger calls the produce manager into a meeting and tells him they are opening a new store and because he’s such a quick thinker they want him to be the manager. He asks where the store is located and his boss tells him Alaska. “Alaska!” he says, “there’s nothing up there but prostitutes and hockey players!” “Hey!” the store manager says, “my wife is from Alaska.”

Produce manager, “Oh really, what team does she play for?!”
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