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  1. The BST will be flooded with these before too long. All 10 of them that were sold. lol
  2. I could only wish. I'd be happy with 160 which is 10yards past my current 7 iron. Can't wait for the reviews to come in.
  3. Easy to see why they sold out so quickly. They seem like they are going to bring the CB and the GI player together.
  4. One "N" http://benockputter.com/about-benock-putter/
  5. I'm sorry, but I have never seen anything so horrible in my life. ... and I've seen some ugly stuff.
  6. I most certainly see a problem here..... Trying to figure out which set to play. Considered playing them as a combo set for a couple of rounds?
  7. I've tried almost every 3 FW out there and finally quit carrying a 3 FW.... until this came along. What a weapon.
  8. Their clubs along with the rest of JDM clubs should be less. The Yen is considerably weaker. IF costs to produce were the same and they sold for the same.... they should be be close to 30% less US just for this reason alone.
  9. With more buttons.... But i agree. Until the average Golfer is able to repeat his swing, which he's not, these adjustments only make it more difficult to dial a driver in. Players think they can adjust a driver to make up for their lousy non repeatable swing. Money spent on lessons would go a lot farther.
  10. Hate to admit it....I don't know why.... maybe the name?? but that is one sharp FW. Now if the lie angles just aren't too upright... (for me)
  11. Not loud regardless of what it's compared to. Much more of a thud/thwaak sound, no klank.
  12. And, If I didn't have a set of the Sky Dream Jumps I'd take those as well. But I have two sets. Best wedges most don't know about. Someone hurry and grad those... along with everything else...
  13. I would bend the 56* weaker. 54/10 is reasonable, IMO 54/14 is too much bounce unless your playing conditions are very soft and or you plan on using it for sand shots. Fluffy sand not firm sand.
  14. Much appreciated. Seems there is an insert that fits over end of shaft and fits in to the head. Can't find anything but the adapter for the RS Nabla.