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    Hobart Australia
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    Golf, organising my girls, picking up dog poo...not!

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    You're still away!
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    Forged Feel is best.
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    TM M1 with Basileus Alpha Xstiff PRGR Egg MFD 15* with M43 Stiff PRGR Egg Ute with M43 Stiff Epon 302 with TT Monaco stiff (4 to PW) Titleist Japan Forged Vokey 52* gap wedge Titleist Japan Forged Vokey 56* sand wedge Titleist japan Forged Vokey 60* lob wedge Odyessy Pro #7 putter
  1. Alternative Found so not reqd! Thanks
  2. Thks Stew, Basileus (King) or dust!
  3. I've got one...I want 2! I play 2 sets remember!
  4. Hi all, Anyone have one of these they are willing to part with? Thanks, Pete
  5. Just be aware Mr D that the eggs (at least the 2015) are 1* closed. It doesn't worry me but some of you big hitters get a bit worried about tne left side!
  6. Due to postage costs, Aussie sale only (unless you want to contribute to the postage) Great condition. Very underrated FW with a great fairway shaft. $145AU posted Australia wide
  7. I am bias but I think 302's are for the better player who likes less offset. I would head towards the SUS 316's if you want to move away from the 302's! Beautiful finish but the offset did my head in on the P2's!
  8. Memories! Might see you again C. Returning to International flying in the next 3 months! Pete
  9. Monaco's!
  10. HB has some seriously good gear. I know, half of it was mine! Great guy to deal with. Buy with confidence!
  11. Thanks Brian and thanks for the Brasso idea!
  12. I'm not normally. Dibs noted!
  13. Bought this magnificent Gold's recently off TFL. Can any of you Guru's advise me how to keep it looking the goods? Thanks again Tony! Regards, Pete
  14. Hello Pot...this is Kettle calling! GLWS Deano!