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    Jbeam ZY-11, Crazy CRZ435 Ltd., Jbeam BM Ti FW, Romaro iBrid Chapter2, Onoff Forged, Epon KGX208, Yamaha InpresX black, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M
  1. 500 USD plus shipping
  2. Have a Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition head. Beautiful head just didn't work for me. Absolutely mint condition with the head cover included. I believe these are sold out. 10* loft, square face angle. As nothing sells at the moment, I am not even gonna try. Looking to trade this. I would be interested in: - new Ryoma Maxima (preferably type V) - JBeam ZY-7 - new PRGR RS driver
  3. I can't believe this hasn't sold for this price. What is wrong these days. If I hadn't just bought a 435 limited this would be mine. GLWS.
  4. Like the looks of the irons.
  5. Like those Jbeam wedges. How do they play?
  6. 275 USD shipped.
  7. As always it depends what you want and how you swing. Just looking at the profiles, I would tend to say the M is the best choice for a FW as it has the softest tip section for more launch on a FW. Just as a reminder, I used to have the original Formula Regio (which seems to be the B model). Very good shaft in my opinion but played very soft to flex.
  8. Can anybody elaborate on the actual differences between the original Jbeam/Crazy 435 vs. Jbeam 435 Black vs. Crazy 435 ltd? Or is it actually mostly cosmetics?
  9. Can also split.Head only 170 USD plus actual shippingShaft 100 USD plus actual shipping
  10. After having owned this for quite some time but really seeing any game time, I finally decided to really let this one go. I love the performance and ball flight when middled but unfortunately I am just not consistent enough with it to justify keeping it. It's a 9.5* head paired with a Roddio M6 X-Flex (black and silver) playing at 44 1/4", SW D2. Original head cover included. Clean crown, sole and face have some usual marks from playing. 300 USD shipped to most places.
  11. That is a mean looking driver.
  12. Have not played the JBeam 435II. But I heard many times from others that it is not low spin which would correspond to your findings. The Epon AF103 I had owned for a short period of time. It was mid spin for me but also not very long in general. This is what most people found with Epon drivers from that generation. Great feel but not long.
  13. None taken, nob. ;) I don't think it will last that long either.
  14. Might be in the US for business purposes end of June. Might think about if the head is still available then.
  15. Would look great with the CB80....... Lol. True but I'm broke now.