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    Jbeam ZY-11, Crazy CRZ435 Ltd., Jbeam BM Ti FW, Romaro iBrid Chapter2, Onoff Forged, Epon KGX208, Yamaha InpresX black, Odyssey Milled Collection 6M

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  1. C, are you serious? 100 USD for that head? How is this still here?
  2. I officially want a set ;) How do these compare to Onoff Kuros as far as forgiveness is concerned?
  3. Any news on this one? Would love to hear more about it.
  4. Traded.
  5. Sold.
  6. still have this guys. Trades for iron shafts (modus 105, graphite shafts, etc.) or some nice wedges?
  7. Trade for an S-yard T.388 9.5*? I'm based in the EU.
  8. Sorry, don't really know. But I assume they are quite similar. But it is just a guess.
  9. Yes it is, but I am still waiting for PADMA to reply. Send me a PM.
  10. Very interested. PM sent.
  11. I personally don't find the ZY-11 to be low launching at all. If anything it launches mid/high for me. So good to know that the ZY-7 would launch higher. And by the way, ZY-11 is also 445 cc.
  12. 500 USD plus shipping
  13. Have a Crazy CRZ-435 Limited Edition head. Beautiful head just didn't work for me. Absolutely mint condition with the head cover included. I believe these are sold out. 10* loft, square face angle. As nothing sells at the moment, I am not even gonna try. Looking to trade this. I would be interested in: - new Ryoma Maxima (preferably type V) - JBeam ZY-7 - new PRGR RS driver
  14. I can't believe this hasn't sold for this price. What is wrong these days. If I hadn't just bought a 435 limited this would be mine. GLWS.
  15. Like the looks of the irons.