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  1. yep been using them for a while. not so perfect for me on irons asthey are thick grips, but on drivers, these are terrific. slowly changing all my driver grips to these. stm are very nice feel as well, but a direct opposite to the cadero as they are super thin.
  2. $500 shipped for them all..............., agrinds $350 shipped prgr $225 shipped
  3. off

  4. Gday Stu, am after a 358 head only, so if it dosnt sell before Sydney, I could get buy it off you there. Cant see the shaft in your pics, Tataki? which I couldn't hit at all. Have a spare roddio shaft which is waiting for a 358 head. If you get a buyer, sell it, still have to much gear anyway,  Rob.

  5. wow...., all rounder from a tee and the deck 15*.............. maybe the royal collection bbd type2 springs to mind. Yamaha v- fw from 2009 .. that's a beauty. so easy to hit nothing overly anything about it . slightly larger fuller than the RC. ahhh the 16.5* prgr egg from 2yrs back is a howler but that's closed 1*, it shudnt make a lick of difference with the shaft ur looking at tho. will be arrow straight. and mid low flight. if ur not looking to drop a bomb, those shud work nicely,
  6. for sale only.., http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/miura-giken-cb-1008/ http://www.tourspecgolf.com/miura-cb-1008-iron-5-pw 4/pw brand new except the 6 irons I tested out for a few balls. bought form TSG, Chris graciously allowed me to sell them as new. im just never going to get time now to play them. ummed and ahhed about shafting the set but didn't get around to it and wont. if u need shafts ive plenty of options EXCPEPT carbon I don't do them, nor regflex. shud you require more photos of BRAND NEW UNHIT irons for any reason ..pls ask I shall gladly oblige. the 6 iron I painted in red and I left the builder weight sticker on to highlight its been hit and there are no marks on it. tracking insurance paypal obviously................ I can remove the red paint................................! $799 shipped, gifted paypalled .. 4/pw.......4/pw.
  7. off

  8. ahhhhhhhh dropp[ed of coruse
  9. no its this one shown above but the test iron is not what wil be releasd, they re did it abit more aggressive than the one I hit as a tester. good shape , a bit smaller than the tr500s. they are not a micro blade. I cant wait to see what they finally release..
  10. ok,i spent the day at PRGR recently. I hit their new drivers both the rs and rsf(fade) vs draw. im getting one, easily.easily the ebst stock shaft by a country mile ive ever hit. fantastic m46 so sx flex . face looks dead square as apposed to closed which btw they arnt but everyone seems to think they are. they are in fact open!!! the iron is just out of this word for feel, imagine hitting a marshmallow with a cloud lined with tissue paper , epon on roids! the head is bigger but oh so easy to hit. kind of like a gentle srixon 945, when they finally relase the new itron it will be more playyyyahhh tho so itll have more appeal. the new wedges are alike a muscledup verison of the RS blacks , more rounded more loft which was needed. super easy to hit small still and cpmpact but with typical prgr feel and unmatched design yup once again the new prgr stuff is the winner going away............,
  11. conductor was good , easy to hit lovely feel. higher launch. pretty good head.
  12. I had this once was 34000 yen in mint nick. Was a beautiful putter.
  13. FOR SALE ONLY , no trades A-GRIND RAW....., 52-58 these ones. 250 sets.. limited. http://www.tourspecgolf.com/a-grind-wedge-black-limited-model-2 shafted with True Tempers prototype , THE Open winning shaft , the Monacco. lower, tighter flight with pure bite and incredible dispersion. perfect pro cord grips for unrivaled grip. $390 ...........$375 ........... $325 shipped. PR-GR L.E.D multiple forged. 50/56 2* bent BY A PROFESSIONAL BUILDER not some backyard ho, lie adjustment offers greater bounce and lofts for play in lusher or thicker grass conditions. NS wv125s. shafts mid flight, super tight dispersion. great spin, great versatility keeps the ball from ballooning these really are tight. LED= (limited edition) endo forged. s25c made IN JAPAN. rrp $205 per piece with dgs300! $320 ........$300 $225 shipped tracking insurance these are virtually new. the grooves are 99.98% perfect. or for the more adventurous TSGer, the whole set of 4 PLUS A 60* lob wedges in the prgrs, bent from 57-60*.. professionally of course.., $475 shipped for them all...........!!!!!
  14. nothing a wee bit of black paint wont fix..! love the carbon looking sole