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    taking apart perfectly good clubs, and shuffling ,shuffling .

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  1. dropoped shipping gratzi. come get it , need some space!!!!!
  2. xxx

  3. for sale mint condition. pulled last night 190.7 gram on of shingo..........$425 200 gram prgr egg...................S250SOLD prices incl shipping tracking insurance via EMS
  4. xx

    Heads sold can sellt he shafts if anyones interested.
  5. Now theres something that is usefull, this looks very pear shaped ftom this pict. Of sorts.
  6. xxx

    Head ..175
  7. xxx

    2 ,3woods 2 utes for100 or swap fpr something. Wamt theseout!
  8. xxx

    driver pending
  9. xxx

    200 for it . the driver is part of an 800 buck head 2 yrs ago..........,
  10. xx

    yea that cud work....
  11. well............ there is a guy I know , he was an ex Jpga pro who took a job for a big investment firm securitizing golf courses, his job for just on 2 yrs was to "play:" as many as he cud that were under the scope of the potential new management, his list is EXTENSIVE, plus he was given royal treatment every time, no other group, no other distractions, thenr reported on them for grading. I was on the floor foaming at the mouth listening to that job. yes he got PAID to do it as well. ahhhhh such is life. btw. this is terrific. u went to such hassel to pop this up and no one else has bothered to comment. what the fk is wrong with everyone on here these days! I for one, love this. this looks right up my strasse for a course . if ur ever my neck , drop me PM ill play with you.
  12. kind of a buchi/honma cross look to my eye. don't mind these at all.