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  1. Professionally built in japan by an industry leader not a bakyard hackjob. 45 inch 9.5deg 650 shiped Paypal Nett Sensible.questions responded to and answered. This is as good as it getz make no mistake.
  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u ended up with this ...!! so good this one
  3. yup.., that's where I lie and this was super @ m46 shaft label.
  4. endo Thailand is still going to produce clubs for OEM'S tho ?????
  5. Hi - Did you sell your A grind MB's? I imagine so, but maybe not.

    Are they the R1's? 




  6. wow................... this is IT, best all round ute ive hit . MCh shaft is superb, but iget it very very high, 21* its the ultimate tee and fairway long iron tool. wud love to see this with a crazy ute shaft wud be a lock down. fantastic club .oh and its LONG..!!!
  7. hit this yesterday with a modus 105 stiff. delicious feel ,very soft, very much like an epon feel , if u like super soft, then these wud suit,very long blade , minimal offset. but enough to help a bit, very ver yeasy clubs to play, didn't like trying to be moved around, its point shoot, very high launch. not my thing one bit, but feel was great, nice gleam to the clubs they look ok in the bag as well. lettering???????????? cudda done better .
  8. these look ok actually.... saw them today, don't look like they have a lot of offset. mid sizzed head, nice finish, I think thye migh be very hiogh launchers, all the weight is low. , the cavity is big. straight line sole to a squarer looking head at address. they sit very flat. better than I was expecting..............,
  9. good choice..!!!
  10. yep been using them for a while. not so perfect for me on irons asthey are thick grips, but on drivers, these are terrific. slowly changing all my driver grips to these. stm are very nice feel as well, but a direct opposite to the cadero as they are super thin.
  11. $500 shipped for them all..............., agrinds $350 shipped prgr $225 shipped
  12. off

  13. Gday Stu, am after a 358 head only, so if it dosnt sell before Sydney, I could get buy it off you there. Cant see the shaft in your pics, Tataki? which I couldn't hit at all. Have a spare roddio shaft which is waiting for a 358 head. If you get a buyer, sell it, still have to much gear anyway,  Rob.

  14. wow...., all rounder from a tee and the deck 15*.............. maybe the royal collection bbd type2 springs to mind. Yamaha v- fw from 2009 .. that's a beauty. so easy to hit nothing overly anything about it . slightly larger fuller than the RC. ahhh the 16.5* prgr egg from 2yrs back is a howler but that's closed 1*, it shudnt make a lick of difference with the shaft ur looking at tho. will be arrow straight. and mid low flight. if ur not looking to drop a bomb, those shud work nicely,