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  1. Does any one here have ANY idea what so ever about these in play ?
  2. Shafted with the 78t high modulus diamana X shaft in 60x flex @ 45 inch x 317 gram (+/-) with CADERO . 66 gram shaft x 2.7 torque. mid kick for a low spin, mid /penetrating flight http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/diamana-x-finally-a-high-modulus-carbon-model/ 10* head with 2* open face angle http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/prgr-egg-driver-conforming-2015/ this is a bomber for the right person. its a semi mid flight its NOT high , its very penetrating and very very stable. $700 o
  3. no offers on these ??????????
  4. frame walker is prob the best bag ive ever had . (well all 4 of them ) ...... but its time for a new one that why im osuting that one. correct NO mess accumulates in them there is strictly room for balls gloves, tidbits phone, watch, earings(????) and that's about it. plenty of room for extra clubs if required... the mouth is pretty big and its insanely sturdy. makes all else seem flimsy but they do come at a price. picked up a cpl of honmas ones recently that are pretty nice and a prgr that is good.
  5. Ive got a few vey oishi stand bags to go, but none with 14dividers dont think ive ever seen one here .
  6. love seeing this. love your participation .
  7. I just don't get on carbon quite like I do with steel unfortunatly.
  8. that' is NOT outside victoria golf............,
  9. my drivers are now settled for the year so I want to clear some extras show me how low u can go .. u just never know. prgr egg 7.... . 7* head 2* open face angle 190 gram+/- $240 ............ prgr egg 1... 7.5* good gram head 2* open face angle $300 .............. onoff shingo spec limited 358 .9.5* square. face angle 192+/- gram head Rollied 6-4 Ti face, 811 Ti cast body and tungsten alloys, 59* lie, 460 cc rrp $950usd $490............... --All of these are in MINT condition. --if piccys don't cut it for you pls ask for more detailed ones , as I only used a phone to take them so I can re do with proper camera if required, .--these have all been carefully selected for a reason! pm me for more details if required. tracked shipped insured via EMS. or all 3 SHIPPED for $700 that's +/- 1500 bucks worth of heads for a song
  10. why not a set o3-4-5-6 all 6 iron length and the 7--8-9-pw aw-sw at 8 iron length I cud never hit my wedges the same length as the 3 iron.id have to choke down3 inchs every shot, that irks me conversely hitting ther 34-5 at 6 irons wud make for much increased accuracy id think. choking down a smidge on the wedges @ 8 iron wudnt be an issue
  11. shafted with a diamana blue 73stiff + perfect pro cord grip. very user friendly 7w I got it as a foil to the utes and driving irons , but the driving irons won out. this launches high and lands on a dime not extra stiff and not weak its with the GOLD standard of all modern shafts. $150 shipped
  12. 3 x 120s for wedges MCH ut 60s (not pulled yet) all primo mint.condition paypall, EMS SHIPPED tracked,insured. $225
  13. epon heads ( and prob mizunos, and onoff) are the best for absorbing the extra taughtness of NS super peening blues. (NS SPB) other NS shfats in epon heads seem to loose a lot of distance, ive tried everything............ in ns in my epons over the years and the SP blues are simply the best. plus they lower the flight a bit which helps. other options id go for are the c-tapers , u mentioned the shiamdas, yes they wud work well for u for sure. again epon heads can make these shafts playable without pain. SYB protos are another set that wud make these heads come alive as well wudnt really look out side that lot .hmmmmmmmmmm maybe cept or DGs200 tour issue design tuning that wud be a head turner wit hthose heads I think u just got..!
  14. Absolutely mint, might have used these a cpl of times only at most. grooves 100% limited edition multiple endo forged s25c . designed for the average to good golfer, forgiving heads with good spin, larger longer frame line, thiner sole and thin topline mid bounce. terrific feel and medium versatility shipped tracked paypalled RRP $190 per piece. $225 shipped