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New Epon Tour F3 and F4 Golf Balls Preview!

06 Nov 2012

You can imagine how surprised I was when Epon contacted us to announced that they were releasing new premium tour level golf balls. Epon is of course best known for creating some of the most premium high performance forged golf clubs known to man and based on their track record of design and producing top notch products, my surprise turned to excitement.  Epon has released 2 models of golf balls, the Tour F3 and Tour F4. Both balls are premium tour quality balls which focus on maximum performance. Lets take a closer look at both models as well as a few first impressions.



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Epon New 2012 Stand Bags!

11 Feb 2012
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I was talking to Epon's international agent a couple of days ago about what Epon might have in store for 2012. While nothing is written in stone yet, there "may" be a new driver in June followed by a new putter and irons later in the year. In the mean time they sent me pictures of their new high grade stand bag which is available now!  Look for more new accessories soon!

New 2012 ONOFF! Crazy Lefty 435! Epon Accessories!

18 Nov 2011

We've got a few product announcements for today. ONOFF has officially announced their new 2012 line to the general public now and as I mentioned back in October the clubs look great. We should be getting in demos at the end of the month for full testing and all the new models for both men and women will be up for pre order in the next week or so!

Left handed players are always emailing me feeling left out from all of the great Japanese club offerings. Well we got word from Crazy today that they have released a limited number of Crazy CRZ435 Drivers for leftys!  Lofts are limited and at this point Crazy has not yet decided if this will be a standard offering. If you are a lefty or know a lefty who wants one of the top JDM distance drivers for better players now is your chance to contact us and get one!

Finally for today Epon has released some new knit headcovers for drivers and fairway woods featuring the Epon Dog. There is also a new Epon Dog headcover which comes with a set of 3 doggie shirts so you can change his look! Also released are new Epon Dog ball markers! Contact us to order or wait for them to show up in the shop later this week!

All New Epon AF-902 Forged Titanium Utility!

24 Aug 2011

Epon Golf has announced their all new AF-902 utility which will go on sale officially September 9th. The new AF-902 is quite a change from the first generation AF-901 utility we saw a few years ago. The AF-901 was a forged hollow head driving iron type utility made from S20C steel with a HT1770 Stainless face. Epon realized that while a driving iron produces great stability and control it didn't necessarily suit every type of player.  Epon designed the new AF-902 as a premium utility aimed at the mid to average golfer (AF-5 and 7 series players) with maximum forgiveness and playability in mind.

The AF-902 is a true one of a kind utility. While most utilities these days are made from cast stainless steel bodies and faces with some manufacturers also using maraging steel, Epon's new AF-902 takes manufacturing for a utility to an all new level. The AF-902 is a four piece super precision forged all titanium utility and the most advanced of its kind. Using high intensity titanium, KS120 Forged for the crown and sole, 15-3-3-3 Forged for the face and a pure Titanium forged neck, the plasma welded AF-902 provides the ultimate feel and maximum COR distance performance. Materials aside, the AF-902 also features a double stepped sole which reduces friction with the turf or rough minimizing the loss of swing speed during contact. This also keeps the club head on a stable plane creating optimal pure impact. At address the wood style shape give confidence and frame the ball well with its square face angle for aiming at the target.

The Epon AF-902's titanium face is on the shallower side creating lots of forgiveness heel to toe. The deep and short CG create an easy launch from any lie and the higher trajectory will carry for maximum distance performance. Epon has always been about premium construction and feel and the new AF-902 fits right in there with its wonderful feeling and performing woods. While Epon can custom build the AF-902 with any shaft available in Japan, a premium head deserves a premium shaft so the the clubs standard shaft is the proven Graphite Design Tour AD UT-65. You can also choose from other great Utility shafts like the new Bassara Hybrid 60 or a Crazy Black Utility or even opt for a steel shaft like the NS Pro Utility. The AF-902 will be available in 3 lofts, 18* 21* and 24* with respective weights of 227 231.5 and 237 grams. As with all Epon clubs there is some room to wiggle with specs and the heads can be made heavier up to +3 grams to accommodate slightly shorter club lengths or to reach slightly higher swing weights. We have a demo coming in next week which we will take live pics of and review as always.

Tourspecgolf.com is taking pre orders now for the AF-902 so you can order now to get an early September shipping (official launch September 9th as noted). Please contact us for recommendations in building your perfect utility from Epon!

May TSG Tidbits – Akira, DWD, Crazy, Titleist, Epon

24 May 2011

As we approach the end of May and the golf season is in full swing, I thought I'd do my usual ramble on what's up at TSG. Here in Japan, the earthquake and Tsunami seem like a long time ago but surely no one has forgotten as they are still tallying up casualties and dealing with tens of thousands of misplaced people living out of school gyms and community centers. We still get tremors every day, mostly small but the occasional 5-6 second stronger jolt.  I've pretty much learned to sleep through them with my biological alarm only set to react to anything over 5 magnitude and longer than 10 seconds.

On the golf front, we're excited to start carrying Akira products as you saw from Chris' post below and also having Dance with Dragon again in the pro shop. We'll be slowly adding products for both brands so keep your eye out or as always if there is anything you want or need do let us know. That also reminds me to remind readers that even if you don't see a certain product in the pro shop, it does not mean we cannot get it. We have accounts with every major brand and several of the largest distributors here in Japan so we can pretty much get anything. Please just send and email and ask.

Crazy contacted us on the weekend to tell us that all 50 sets of the Crazy Toyoshima Limited Wedges are sold out so it took just over a week as we predicted. Crazy and Toyoshima-san are still catching up with the orders and producing the wedges on the fly and building the for customers. About 25% of all the sets were sold through TSG so I have to report that buyers will have to be patient and wait a little as Toyoshima-san is only one person and hand grinding and polishing every single day to get all the orders out. This means there may be waits of a couple of weeks+ depending on when you ordered.

It's always nice when a manufacturer/brand listens to customer demand and I'm happy to report Titleist Japan has done just that. The Titleist VG3 Forged Iron has probably been our most popular iron over the last 6 months or so. I game a set myself and love them for their looks, feel and performance. However one gripe I had with them was that the lofts were so strong with a 44* PW that it left a large gap between my approach wedge and the PW. It seems this was an issue for many players as the VG3 Iron has done so well in Japan, catering to players of all levels including those who wished there was an actual VG3 Forged AW at around 48 and 49*. Well Titleist Japan listened and have produced a new 48* AW as a special order for those who need it. I got mine today and I'm glad to report it is not clunky or overly large like many in set AW's can be. As a matter of a fact its shape and design flows wonderfully with the set and has very little offset, the way most like their wedges. So any VG3 users or potential VG3 buyers can now get an AW as well if they desire. Just contact us for details.

Another key development here at TSG is we've received Epon's permission to include the Middle East as part of our shipping boundaries. So we can now accept Epon orders from any North American and Middle Eastern address but you still have to contact us directly for order placing. Epon is always in stock but cannot be checked out of the pro shop. You have to contact us to make your purchase. Epon has released some really cool accessories along with their new Limited Tour Bag (which black is already sold out of!). They've got new caps which are all very cool looking and finally some real iron head covers. The iron head covers come in a set of 10 4-PW + AW + SW + an F cover (F for Free so you can use it on a 3 iron or additional wedge). Please contact us for more details or to order!

Epon 2011 Limited Tour Caddy Bag

19 May 2011

It's about time Epon released a new Tour Caddy Bag!  How long will it be before these sell out?  Every year Epon releases a limited tour caddy bag and it's gone within a couple of weeks.  In my opinion these are the most sexy caddy bags ever announced by the Big E.  I'm considering the purple for myself.  For those interested "click here" wait before you click I should warn you that these cost $560 bucks and that's before shipping.


This full sized limited bag is made of premium synthetic leather and features a 5.1kg weight and 9" opening. The Epon bag features a 3 point harness and comes in Orange, Purple, Black or Blue.  They call it the Global edition Tour Caddy Bag and notice how it says JAPAN FORGED on it instead of ENDO FORGED.  I like that..:)

Epon 2011 Caddy Bag

Epon Golf AF-702 Irons Pictures!

09 Mar 2011

Endo Forged Irons

Today I shafted up the New Epon Golf AF-702 forged demo iron I received.  The AF-702 is geared toward the mid to high handicapper as it features an S20C Endo Forged body with an ultra hi COR stainless steel face. I suspect many low handicap Epon fans will swap out their long irons for these as well.  The release date is March 11th expect to see them in the proshop later this week.  I spent the day taking some high res images.  Unfortunately I won't be able to test them until the coming tuesday so for now enjoy the pictures!
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Epon Golf AF-152 Driver in Hand Images!

08 Mar 2011

Epon AF-152 Driver ReviewIf you have been following the GTI Facebook page you witnessed the un boxing of the first AF-152 to hit U.S soil.  That was this morning and since then I have shafted it up with the all New 2011 Crazy CB-46 "BLACK" shaft.  It's a lightweight control shaft with distance like the TJ-46 but control like the Black 50. Made for the aggressive and hard hitter who wants a lighter weight shaft, the 46 features lower launch and torque than the TJ-46 and lower spin like the former Black 50 and 80LS II. The torque however is still higher than the 50 and 80 resulting in more feel and perceived kick.

I'm awaiting official specifications, materials, and manufacturing data on the new Epon AF-152 and AF-702 clubs they should be around shortly but until then enjoy these images.  Expect a full written and video review by next weekend.
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Epon AF-702 Irons & Epon AF-152 Driver!

02 Mar 2011

Epon AF-152 Driver ReviewEpon AF-152 driver revealed!  It's set to launch March 11th, TourSpecGolf has it's samples on the way.  I will be attaching it to a Crazy longest yard HOT shaft most likely.  It appears both the AF-152 and the AF-702 has some sort of cut away feature.  Expect the Epon AF-152 to be slightly draw biased and come in at 450- 460cc's.  The AF-502 is manufactured using Super Precision Forging using a High Intensity Titanium Alloy. Its new design and forged 4 piece variable thickness face has superior feel and sound at impact and creates very high ball speeds coupled with low spin for an optimal trajectory and great distance performance.

Epon AF702 Iron ReviewThe new Epon AF-702 irons will be revealed on March 11th as well and features a single cut away center sole.  Made for the golfer looking for a forgiving iron providing maximum distance, the AF-702 provides game improvement like ease and performance in a mid sized cavity back. Still possessing a relatively thin topline and small offset, the Epon AF-702 is precision forged from soft S20C steel with a high strength AsRoll Stainless steel face featuring COR over 0.8. The thin face produces high ball speeds and allows weight to be distributed to the toe and heel to provide a wider sweet spot and lower center of gravity.  The center of gravity is further helped by two tungsten weights placed in the sole towards the toe and heel. The forgiving undercut design and stronger lofts will help golfers of all levels reach longer distances even on off center hits.

New Epon Golf Bags Coming May to TSG!

30 Apr 2010

The new Epon 2010 Tour Bag has just been released in Asia and expect it to be available in the TSG ProShop this coming week.

The new Epon Tour bag is a limited production product and produced of the highest quality bag materials.  It's total weight is 4.3kg coming in with a 9" opening and another unique thing is its made of a synthetic leather that really makes this bag feel as if its on another level.

Available in White/Sax, White/Silver, Black/Red, and Black/Gold expect the bag to run for about 500.00 USD.  Below we have some real images for you to enjoy!

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