Gold’s Factory Update November 2012

07 Nov 2012

It's been a while since I've updated some of the things going on at Gold's Factory. They sent over a few putters so I thought now would be the perfect time to do so.  Stainless Beads Blast was originally a finish for SUS303 putters but now Gold's is using the same technique, beads blasting, to overlay logos and graphics over SUS303 putters.  They sent me their new "Blaster" putter to snap some pics of and it does look very nice. Custom logos and personal marks will look very cool with the white satin like beads blast. Here are more pictures and as you can see they can bead blast anywhere on the head, the neck and the sole.


Next up Gold's Factory has gone ECO! Gold's Factory Bag tags have been very popular with a lot of users and Gold's has decided to make some changes to their bag tags. The original bag tag was machined out of a rectangular aluminum plate and the outside "frame" of this rectangular shape wasted. Gold's now utilizes both the inner tag and outside frame to create a double tag, both engraved on each side with what ever you please.  No wasted material and two tags for each customer. If you have more than one bag which I do, this is very useful!

I got a chance a few months ago to send in forum member Craig's two putters for refinish. One was a Gold's Anser No.2 Lucky Clover putter and the other a Hiro Matsumoto MZ-10. At Gold's Factory a refinish includes stripping the original finish and grinding and removing dings and imperfections then of course modifying and refinishing. Here is what they looked like before they went to Gold's.

First up is the refinished Matsumoto MZ-10. The whole head was redone to remove dings and scratches then the face was deep milled with the Next Generation Premium Zone Milling to increase soft touch, increase forward roll and decrease side spin.

After that weights were added on the sole to bring the head weight up as the original head was too light. This got the swing weight for the 34" putter up to a much better handling D7.0.

Gold's machined CRAIG on the bumper and refinished it into a Tour Teflon black which is much more durable than the original flat black. Overall a great looking just like new Matsumoto with custom touches!

Next up is the Lucky Clover. This putter was not in bad shape by any means but Craig wanted to make it different. First up was the Next Generation Premium Zone Milling.  This deep milling is one of the most popular modifications and options on all Gold's putters.

In order to change the putter and make it very different we decided to do the new Gold's Box, the Inner Sound Slot and what Gold's Factory calls a Blinker which is in fact an aluminum alignment piece attached to the cavity of the putter.

The inner sound slot is hidden away but allows the golfer to fine tune impact on the face and the alignment blinker (Gold's has several types) really helps line up the ball.

Gold's has been working on many many custom mods which has become a huge part of its business. With more and more exposure here in Japan including in most major Golf Magazines and being called a true putter creator and modification master, Gold's Factory is busier than ever!



having puttted with both of these... the money is worth it, the blinker alignment is a master stroke, accuracy increses noticeably.. superb job on both!