Introducing the REONESS R0-101 Driver!


Formerly known as George Spirits a complete rebranding has occurred,  introducing REONESS.  In no way affiliated with George of George Spirits but rather a man named Kan who had worked for him many years ago under the company Gauge Design Japan.  Without going too deep Gauge Design Japan has had so many former staff start their own brands including Gauge Design (USA),  Gold's Factory, and now REONESS.

REONESS is no longer affiliated with George Takai and Kan with the help of former Bridgestone Tour staff has restructured,  re-designed, and re-released an entirely new company.  Today we are going to start with photos of the driver.  Follow the Jump for more...


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BALDO 568LC Driver 440cc

Baldo Drivers2

Baldo 568LC Driver - This is Baldos more forgiving players driver designed to promote low spin with a mid high launch in a 440cc package.  Designed with a new forged cup face made of DAT55G feel off the face is hot and springy,  DAT55G is usually used in non conforming heads yet this head is conforming for play.

Standard the 3 weights are all 4 grams with 2g and 6g weights sold separately.  The face comes in square. The Baldo 568LC is now available in the TSG Pro Shop,  we can build it with custom shafts and specs or offer you the head alone in 9.5* or 10.5*. More photos after the Jump...

Baldo Drivers4

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TSG Club Works – Soft Black Yonex MB’s

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG3

Here at TSG we love Soft Black,  it's a durable non glare finish that feels great at impact.  Here are photos of a set of Yonex Ezone MB's we refinished.  Translucent grey paint was used as it works really well with this finish.  TSG Club Works finishes are all done in Japan.  Get in touch if you have a set you want to bring back to life. We offer NiCr Satin, White Satin, Mirror Chrome, Black Mirror, Copper Satin,  Copper Mirror, Smoked Copper,  Black Boron,  Black Teflon, and many more!  Follow the jump more more photos...

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG4

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New TSG DARK Forum Option!

Are you a member of the TSG Forums?  If we have added a new Dark look Theme with multiple backgrounds to choose from to enhance the community experience.  Here's how to get it:

Step 1 - At the very bottom of the page click theme and select TourSpecGolf Dark.

Step 2 - The screen will go dark and at the very top of the screen next to your username there is a paint brush to choose 1 of 3 different forum themes!



Itobori Black Limited Driver!

Itobori Golf Driver2

Introducing the Itobori Driver - TSG has acquired a limited number of these heads ( UPDATE: SOLD OUT! ) the new Itobori Driver is made using a super hot DAT55 face material and titanium body,  it features a deep round face that feels soft at impact and launches the ball on a medium trajectory with low spin for straighter shots and optimal carry distance and roll.

Itobori will be releasing a few varients of this club in different finishes and specs in the future but for now if you need one it's slim picking as TSG can't hold on to them fast enough.  Please inquire with [email protected] to pre order yours now.   Follow the Jump for more Photos...

Itobori Golf Driver1

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SEVEN Limited Edition SH Series Putter


Introducing the Limited Edition SEVEN SH Putter ( Only 10pcs made )  -  Yes that is right only 10 made fully CNC milled in Himeji Japan.

Ultimate SM490A Feel

A key feature is it's Material  J.I.S SM490A.  Stainless steel has been known to feel to firm while Carbon steel is known to feel too soft, SM490A is the ultimate compromise giving a dense and buttery vibration going from the head, through the shaft, and up to the hands. Follow the Jump for more photos and info...


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ARESO Custom 400g Putter by Rock Wu

Areso Golf by Rock Wu8

Areso E13 Custom Mallet Tuned by Gold's Factory - This is one special putter,  first off it's not your normal Areso putter this one has no logo in the back cavity.  The standard weights have also been removed for custom handmade golds factory tungsten inserts which are much heavier bringing the head weight up to 400g.  The E13 mallet was then refinished in NiCr Satin,  standard this putter is usually black and we often find NiCr finishes provide a softer more dense feel at impact.

The E13 has a flare tip hosel it's slightly toe heavy for those that have a regular arc in their putting stroke.  It's CNC milled on a 4-Axis machine made of S25C so it feels nice and soft at impact.  Follow the jump for more photos...

Areso Golf by Rock Wu3

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Itobori Black Mirror Wedge

Itobori Black Mirror Wedge2

Itobori Black Mirror Wedges - I've been sharing info and pics about Itobori all week, initial customer feedback has been tremendous.  We now get to look forward to many TSG'rs receiving their custom wedges in coming months and posting their reviews.

Follow the Jump to check out the custom black mirror finish on this Itobori Wedge...

Itobori Black Mirror Wedge6

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ARESO Custom C90 Putter


Areso Golf Designs by Rock Wu - You may have heard of Areso Putters they popped up a few years back with designs that look to be from the future. Seriously some of the putters look like they should be in a transformers movie that is so beyond the traditionalist designs most brands adhere to today. The man behind the name is Rock Wu; he is a genius in bio mechanics and club design. He has done so much work behind the scenes for big brands I'm afraid to talk about it due to the legality of it. Let me just say anything that comes from his table if your eye agrees with it or not it's got a technical purpose that is well researched and validated. Rock Wu has co-developed materials with companies and has been an integral part of developments that have PGA Tour victories. At another time with his permission, I may be able to delve deeper into his success.

We have a beautiful putter here it's the C90 by Areso Golf, and we sent it to Gold's Factory for a refinish and tungsten weights installed. Follow the Jump and we will go over what makes this putter special.


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