Basileus Z Driver Shaft Basileus Z Driver Shaft Basileus Z Driver Shaft
Basileus Z Driver Shaft

Basileus Z Driver Shaft

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Basileus Shafts

Basileus introduces the New 2012 Z Driver Shaft.  Basilius shafts are made of high modulus carbon materials. The high quality carbon contains more glass materials than rubber throughout the shaft giving it a very strong and stable quality. This also provides a solid feel and makes the shaft very consistent which is key in creating a repeatable and reliable trajectory and flight. The Z shafts are 50t carbon press and hand rolled to perfection. They also feature a real silver plating finish for a premium look.

Basileus shafts are broken down into 4 main categories determined by the flex of the tip and butt end of the club. This fitting system allows players to find the ideal characteristic shaft for their individual swings. The A, B, C, D categories are shown on a chart as quadrants. The vertical measurement on the chart indicates the shaft's flex characteristic from the middle of the shaft to the butt end. The higher up on the chart (A or B), the less flex there is in those areas. The horizontal measurement is the shafts flex characteristic towards the tip. The further right on the chart (B or D) indicates less flex towards the tip end. All Basileus shafts are made of tightly wrapped carbon material with a very stable anti-deforming cores. This makes the shafts react very true to its flex points and produce a consistent and reliable feel.

The flex options on the Z is measured by the ration of the section of the shaft. A low Tip/Center ratio means  The less flex there is to the center to butt end will give the shaft a harder feel at impact, a softer mid to butt section allows for a softer feedback on the hands. For tip stiffness, the softer ratio on the mid to tip section provides extra whip on the down swing and is great for curing slices and getting a higher trajectory.  The higher ration for tip to center allow the tip to flex closer to the butt end during the downswing. This type is ideal for those trying to avoid the hooks. 

The Basileus Z Driver Shaft falls in the B quadrant of the chart. This means that the shaft is very stable overall with minimum bend in the shaft on both ends. It is a design for the athlete golfer who seeps a flatter trajectory with minimum spin. The stiff overall characteristic of the Spada prevents unwanted side spin and protects against the hooks. It is a great shaft for athlete golfers with an aggressive swing tempo.  It comes in a 60 or 70 gram wight. The Z is made for those seeking a very tight dispersion with a harder and solid feel.

Basileus Shafts have specific specs for Drivers and Fairway Woods, making each shaft provide a precise feedback and feel depending on the club.

Basileus Shafts are a Japan Only release and is made to the highest standards.

Available in Stiff/Regular, Stiff, or X flex and a choice of 2 finishes, Black or Black/Silver

Basileus Z Driver Shaft


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Unmatched Performance Review by Nicky Litherland
The Basileus Z Driver Shaft provides exceptional and unwavering performance with every swing. What I love about the shaft is that it always feels united - as if no part of the shaft is overreacting to swing speed changes. Having had the Oban Kyoshi Black previously I was searching for a shaft that offered greater control, less dispersion and a more penetrating ball flight when coupled with my new Honma 727 430 Driver. A shaft that I could still sense a light flex at the top without that detracting "stiff rod" feel or an over-flexing lag. This shaft delivers. Dispersion is minimal , as with previous shafts I would have to over compensate for the draw bias, and I am now hitting the ball straighter than ever. The shaft is responsive to a fade or a draw in equal quantifiable results - the shot you want to hit happens. Not only is this the best shaft I have had the pleasure of owning yet it looks so very pure. This shaft feels right in the middle in respect to response as the OZIK Matrix Black tie 6m3 - being the hard rod, and the OBAN Kiyoshi Black - being at the soft end. My driver club head speed is 117mph and the Basileus just loves it. I cannot recommend this shaft high enough for those who swing over 110 mph and are searching for that straight drive. ***** (Posted on 5/2/2016)

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